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SINCE 1980

Subsidiary of Al Barakat Group Co. Ltd.
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‘Barakat Optical’, a subsidiary of Al Barakat Group Co. Ltd, incorporated under the CR # 1010166042 located at Malaz District, Salahudeen Road, In front of British Bank, Riyadh are pioneers in providing optic services since 1980 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

We are apperceived for distinguished high-quality products, know-how and plausible prices. You will find in our showrooms, more than 50 optical retail outlets throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and United Arab Emirates (UAE), a wide range of the newest Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Contact Lenses that give our customers clear vision and classy appearance. We have a wide selection of classical, modern and fashion optical frames and sunglasses. They are distinctive and cannot be found elsewhere in the rialto. The modern design, the high quality and know-how are beyond comparisons.

We have more than 250 well trained and duly licensed employees that include Ophthalmologists, Optometrist, Opticians and Technicians to serve you in selecting the appropriate glasses that matters your vision correction, style and appearance. Our staff will ascertain that the lenses that you select is in line with your prescriptions and glad to assist the customers in choosing the right products and clarify other vision related needs.

At Barakat Optical, we have engendered a consummate portfolio of LENS designs that have been conceived to cover all the different CUSTOMER needs. With the goal to provide our customers with a consummate solution, we utilize state-of art JAPANESE technology to have the most precision lens ever.

Our quality has been coupled with a variety of exceptional and unique designs to gratify all our customer’s needs, but always at the competitive price. “Seeing better, hearing better” forms the underlying principle of our corporate philosophy.

The Opticians
The Opticians

Barakat Optical is not only specialized in optical products it’s also renowned for its hearing care products with activities covering retail and distribution. It is the exclusive distributor of Signia – Rexton – A&M brands in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The company’s vigor and prosperity in this field enabled it to become the exclusive distributor of Takubomatic Edging Machines, Morel Eyewears, Coopervision Soft contact lenses in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The Largest Retail Optical Chain
Retail Optical

A new incipient of ‘Sight & Sound’ was introduced in the Saudi market from the amalgamation of Eye care and Hearing care. After a remarkable prosperity, Barakat Optical decided to develop a regional presence by expanding in the GCC market. Thus, this vision was prosperously established in Dubai in 2001. The Hearing Care Division is supervised directly by Sivantos Hearing Company, Erlangen, Germany. Presently operating from 15 different locations in the UAE, Barakat Optical is still acquiring new locations and opening new showrooms with an aim of expanding to over 200 locations within a few years.

Geographical Presence
Easy Accessibility

We have a wide presence through our network of retail outlets at different locations around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates! The comprehensive geographic presence enables us to provide our customers with a unique shopping experience.

Related Businesses
Diversified Business Activities
Business Activity

Al Barakat Group is a manufacturer, an agent and an optician all in one that we distribute directly to our branches. The group is engaged in the following business activities that is fortifying and enabling Barakat Optical to be a leader in the market.

Al Barakat Hearing Care Center

In the early 90’s "Barakat Hearing Care Center" composed a prosperous partnership with "Siemens Audiology" to operate "Siemens Hearing Care centers" as a division of “Barakat Optical”. And a new concept of “Eye care & Hearing care” known thereafter as “Sight & Sound” was introduced successfully in the Saudi market and is operating from 5 different locations throughout the Kingdom.

Now the Department of Hearing Care is under the supervision of the global audiologist Sivantos, headquartered in Erlangen, Germany. Which included under its umbrella the best international brands in the world of audiology (Signia - Rexton - A&M) as this company developed the Siemens brand for hearing aid to the Signia brand, after this remarkable success, Al Barakat Optical decided to develop and expand its regional presence in the markets of the GCC countries.

As a result of this vision, the "Barakat Hearing Care Center" was established in Dubai in 2001, where the concept of "sight and sound" was introduced for the first time at this level in the United Arab Emirates. It currently operates from 9 different locations in the United Arab Emirates.

Triano Lab

For more than 40 years, we are a bellwether in the optical industry by developing incipient and innovative lens solutions. From mineral single vision lenses to the most advanced progressive lenses uniquely designed. Our TRIANO brands provide a wide array of lens options, materials and treatments to meet virtually every eyewear need: quality products that help people to optically discern preponderant.

We are committed to maintaining reputation as a Quality Lens manufacturer by anticipating and meeting our customers' needs and we strive to make the quality of our products and services the best in the industry as defined by our customers.